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Every week, Hedge Fund Alert delivers the fresh intelligence needed to identify money-making openings in the fund-management arena. The newsletter is recognized for routinely spotlighting key industry developments that haven't been reported anywhere else.

Subscription price: $4,697 for 46 weekly issues.

What does Hedge Fund Alert cover?

› Behind-the-scenes courting of pensions and other institutional investors.
› Steps taken by managers to comply with the new wave of fund regulation.
› Wall Street traders' confidential plans to launch funds.
› Secret circumstances behind fund blow-ups.
› Brokers and other service providers jockeying for market share.
› Career moves by key industry professionals.
› Technology and operational successes, failures and challenges of fund managers.

In addition, the newsletter regularly publishes closely watched rankings of the largest fund managers, prime brokers and other market participants. Subscribers also benefit from a variety of other special features, such as an annual review of buyside-technology firms, a run-down of pending regulations targeting hedge funds and the popular Hedge Funds in Hot Water column.

What is the Manager Database?

Subscribers to Hedge Fund Alert get FREE online access to the Manager Database, which offers detailed views of more than 2,000 SEC-registered fund-management firms and the hedge funds they run.

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What is the Latest Launches listing?

Subscribers to Hedge Fund Alert get FREE online access to Latest Launches, which lists hedge funds that got off the ground over the past decade and those that are planning launches. For each startup, Latest Launches identifies the fund's management firm, its investment strategy, portfolio managers and service providers.

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Who profits from the news in Hedge Fund Alert?

› Hedge-fund managers
› Hedge-fund attorneys
› Asset managers
› Fund-of-fund operators
› Prime brokerage professionals
› Investment pros at pension funds, foundations and endowments
› Pension-fund advisors
› Accounting firms
› Chief technology officers and their staffs
› Third-party marketers
› Commodity trading advisors
› Fund administrators
› High net-worth individuals who invest in funds
› Family-office staffers
› Private-banking professionals
› Insurance-company investment officers
› Securities lenders
› Clearing agents

Who produces Hedge Fund Alert?

Hedge Fund Alert is produced by Harrison Scott Publications. Its editors have impressive records of covering alternative investments and other financial fields for the last 20 years. The newsletter was launched in 2000, when institutional investors became focused on hedge funds and triggered the industry’s explosive growth. Since then, Hedge Fund Alert has served as the eyes and ears for the industry’s leading players.

Hedge Fund Alert’s team of experienced editors is uniquely qualified to identify money-making opportunities and oncoming risks in today’s market.

Editorial Staff:
Howard Kapiloff, Managing Editor, 201-234-3976, hkapiloff@hspnews.combio
Michael Bodley, Senior Writer, 201-234-3971, mbodley@hspnews.combio
Mike Frassinelli, Senior Writer, 201-234-3964, mike@hspnews.combio
James Prado Roberts, Senior Writer, 201-234-3982, james@hspnews.combio
Andrew Albert, Publisher, 201-234-3960, andy@hspnews.combio
Thomas J. Ferris, Editor, 201-234-3972, tferris@hspnews.com
T.J. Foderaro, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3979, tjfoderaro@hspnews.combio
Ben Lebowitz, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3961, blebowitz@hspnews.combio
Dan Murphy, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3975, dmurphy@hspnews.combio

Harrison Scott’s offices are located in Hoboken, N.J. -- just minutes from Manhattan by PATH train or ferry.

What else does Harrison Scott Publications produce?

Harrison Scott publishes three other weekly newsletters and maintains a variety of valuable databases that are available to its subscribers.

Real Estate Alert gives subscribers the freshest intelligence they need to spot oncoming risks and opportunities in the U.S. commercial property market. Its Deal Database allows for quick and easy searches of the terms and participants of more than 30,000 commercial property sales since the start of 2001. In addition, Real Estate Alert’s High-Yield Fund Database offers detailed views of more than 2,000 real estate investment funds and the 1,000-plus firms that manage them.

Commercial Mortgage Alert gives subscribers the earliest look at the most important activities in real estate finance and securitization. Its CMBS Database allows users to scour the initial terms and deal participants of all rated securities backed by commercial and multi-family properties -- every CMBS issue completed since the market’s inception in the mid-1980s.

Asset-Backed Alert delivers hard-to-get news on the securitization business, including the worldwide markets for asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities as well as collateralized loan obligations.  Its ABS Database presents users with the initial terms and participants of all 32,000-plus ABS, MBS and CLO issues that have ever come to market.